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How Does Travel, Trip & Cruise Cancellation / Interruption Insurance work?

We recommend trip insurance for anyone who is planning on staying for block of time or traveling any distance.


The cost of insurance is relatively small compared to the frustration and cost of an interrupted trip.


For your convenience we have created some links so you can research your options. If you already have a provider than please be sure to contact them.  We are not affiliated with any insurance provider, but only offer it here as an option or place to start.


  • Trip Cancellation Travel Insurance gives you back the money you lose if you can't go or your trip is cut short by unforeseen events like:


  • You, a close family member or a traveling companian gets hurt or sick before you leave (and your doctor advises you against traveling). Travel Insurance reimburses you the money you lose. This is especially important if you're concerned about a pre-existing medical conditions.


  • You get hurt (ie - hit by a cement truck) or sick on your trip. Travel Insurance pays your medical expenses including emergency medical transportation. Remember, Medicare doesn't cover you outside the USA.


  • You are unexpectedly laid off.


  •  A Travel Delay forces you to have extra accommodation expenses


  • Your luggage is delayed, lost, stolen or damaged. If your checked luggage doesn't arrive within 12 or 24 hours after you do, you can be reimbursed for items you need to buy. Or if it's damaged or never arrives, you can be covered.


  • Or you can get a "Cancel For Any Reason " plan to cover any possible reason to cancel your trip including: you change your mind, you're afraid to travel, you just don't want to go.

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