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Our History Along the Hudson River

Riverview Bed & Breakfast - Piermont 

Waterfall in Piermont Historic District

Above images are of the Tidal Sparkill Creek that makes its way twice a day back and forth to the Hudson River along the back of the Firehouse.


(located in the historic district of Piermont)


The Piermont Firehouse was originally a horse drawn firehouse, consisting of a  two one bedroom private suites with a five-seven minutes walk (depending on your gait) from shops and restaurants. The suites are available for short & long-term guests as well as corporate stays. As a private home Bnb, the owner lives on premises and is available if needed. The neighborhood has some charming historic homes, that take you back to an earlier time. The Dutch Historic house across the street dates back to 1731 and consider one of the oldest homes here. We hope that you find it as charming as we do.

The wooden shutters, window boxes, and courtyard next to the gurgling creek, all come together to create an old world European charm. Dating back to the mid 1800's it is believed to have been the first horse-drawn firehouse in Piermont constructed by the Erie Railroad and used by the village people. Sometime in the 1800's it served for a short time as the Village Hall and a jail.


The Firehouse is located on the Sparkill Creek, whose tidal waters flow to the Hudson River, cascading from a man-made waterfall that passes under the oldest bridge in Piermont. The creek was once used as a canal for barge traffic and you can still see the curious little draw bridge, also called a lift bridge made by the King Bridge Company in 1890 just downstream behind the post office. It is the only example of its kind and is considered a local treasure.

The back of the house was used to film a movie in 1916, in which the creek was turned into a Venetian Canal, for the box office success "The Hungry Heart".  Just a short walk brings you into the business section of Piermont, where in 1980 Woody Allen filmed the "Purple Rose of Cairo". 

There are numerous events, fairs, and farmer's markets all summer long, with an array of good restaurants, to suit every palate and budget. Reminiscent of the'60's coffee houses you'll find live entertainment at the "Turning Point", where in the recent past you could have seen entertainment greats such as Melanie, and Richie Haven, to mention a few.

Piermont has had its share of history, being the starting point for the Erie Railroad, which spanned 447 miles and ended in Dunkirk on Lake Erie. There was also a secondary railroad line which is now the bicycle path.

In the early 1900's it became a resort town well known for its boating and bathing. A walk out to the Pier will reveal its use as an embarkation point for Europe-bound troops during World War II, and became know as "Last Stop USA" 


Now the factories are gone, as are the railroads, but the community still attracts boaters, fishermen and tourists, as well as actors and people working in the television and movie industry.

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