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Holistic & Natural Bnb


Why We Are A Holistic & Natural Bnb

You may ask the question why does Riverview Bed & Breakfast consider itself a green environment and a holistic & natural Bnb? After all we are not situated in the wild of the country side and live a more suburban rather than urban live style with just a five minute walk into town.


Situated on only a quarter of an acre shaped like a thinly sliced wedge of pizza, we are flanged on two sides, one by Piermont Avenue, and the other by the Sparkill Tidal Creek that makes its way twice a day, back and forth from the Hudson River. In its former life as a Horse drawn Firehouse, the river and the road served their purposes well.

We may not have sprawling acres of land & forests teaming with insects and wildlife, but we have the creek, which is marvel of nature and an oasis of the memory of a simpler time when our dependence upon it was more clear. The abundance of birds, fish, turtles, crabs, animals and insects that call it their home is awesome.

In observing this magical place is is not difficult to sense our connection to this earth and the knowing that our environment is just an extension of our own bodies and that our very survival depends on that which surrounds us.

So it is our mission here, to share with our guests,  that regardless of the size of the land that we stewart that a natural and more holistic approach to our surroundings and ourselves can not only benefit the river and the little sliver of land know as Riverview Bed and Breakfast, but each one of us by making change one step at a time.

What Do We Provide

Riverview Bed & Breakfast strive to do to its part in providng a healthy & chemical, pesticide free environment. We focus on using only natural & sustainable products aware of all living creatures around us.

What We Expect From Our Guests

Many of our guest are happy that Riverview Bed & Breakfast operates an organic and holistic business where they don't have to worry about their food or chemicals in the air due to household polutants.

They are aware that because of our green policy we do not change bedding  or towels unless a guest stays a minimum of a week. We do tidy up daily. We ask guests to recyle and ask them to be mindful to dim lights or turn them off when not in use,

What We Believe

We believe that every little things that each of us does helps make a difference. We believe that we are responsible for what happens around us. We believe that we can make change that is positive for

What We Learn & Hope to Teach

At Riverview Bed & Breakfast it is our goal to continue learning about better and more sustainable ways that encourage better health for ourselves and all living things.


By showing our guests what can be done for the environment and for ourselves in a small space may encourage them to repeat the green policy in their own homes and workplaces. Creating an awareness that can only grow.

What We Do to Not Waste

  • We use Organic & Natural Products exclusively for Laundry & Cleaning using High Efficiency Machines

  • For breakfast we serve only organic produce which are 40-50 % more expense than regular produce, but we feel it is worth it. We will not feed anything to our guests that we would not eat ourselves.

  • Our two small rescue dogs are fed whole organic foods that we prepare for them.

  • All our food scraps, yard waste and manure from our rescue rabbit go into the compost bin to be recyled back to the garden.

  • We grow a small organic garden along with two fig trees

  • We control pests and wildlife by being sure to cover and cleanup reguarly.

  • We control insects in the garden through companian planting.

  • Our lighting is mostly Led to reduce electric use & costs

  • Our parking spaces are asphalt free and are covered  with gravel for good drainage.

  • Ceiling fans and opening and closing windows and doors as needed help maintain cooling of the house.

  • During very hot weather we do have Energy Efficient Window AC units set to 72 degrees

  • In winter the Highly efficient Heating system thermostat is set to 68 degrees with reserved fans to move the ceiling heat downward

  • We Recycle everything & make donation to the local Thrifty shop

  • All furnishings are made with natural materials & Recycled.

  • All towels and bedding are cotton and natural Fibers

  • We use only non-voc, low toxic paints when we paint which is not very often.

  • We monitor our waste, water and heat consumption. as well as costs associated with them.

  • The list goes on

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