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General Policies

Taxes & Service Charge: Since we make every effort to set a high standard of service, all reservations incur a 10% service charge per room as well as 8.375% sales tax and 3% county room tax. One Night books incur a 10% Service Charge plus a one night charge fee of $30. According to New York State tax law, a service charge or gratuity cannot be taxed. We could just have priced our rates including this portion, but then the customer would be paying tax on that portion as well. This is our way of saving our customers from paying even more taxes. For a statement direct from the NYS Tax & Finance bureau, please see this link. Please be sure to calculate accordingly when you are budgeting your stay.


Note On General Reservations: Once a reservations is made we do everything possible to assure that you receive the room that you have requested.  However, in very rare instances things happen that our beyond our control. It is for this reason that we reserved the right to make a room change either because the room is not inhabitable due to maintenance issues or a long-term guest is required to stay longer than originally planned.(Our past experience has shown us these thing only seem to occur following a weather related tragedy, such as Hurricane Irene & Sandy). In either case you would be notified as soon as possible to alert you to the change which would result in either a comparable room or an upgrade. This unfortunately is one of the drawbacks of operating such a small operation.


Weekly, Special Rate Bookings and Promotions: Weekly or special rates and promotions are only applicable to bookings made in advance. Any changes made to a confirmed reservation after the arrival, does not make the rates for a request for extended dates retroactive for the previous stay and is considered a new and separate reservation. Promotions can not be combined with another discounts or offers. In addition any outstanding credits cannot be applied to promotions.


One Night Bookings: Although we have a two night minimum for a reservation, we understand the varied reasons, why it is not always possible for guests to stay that long. Because of that we do accept one night bookings during the week. For weekends and holiday weekends, you are always welcome to call last minute to check to see if there is availability for one night. With only two suites available to accommodate guests, we can only accept one night bookings close to the arrival date and not weeks or months in advance, although we will wait list you for the date. In addition it will be with the understanding that we cannot guarantee the room of your choice, although we will do everything possible to provide it. Due to the reservation process we have no control how other reservations impact our availability, particularly when they are made in advance. We will do our best to provided the original room request or if need be either offer a comparable or upgraded room. 


Payment Guarantees: Although we do accept cash and check we still require a valid credit card to be on file for a confirmed reservation in the event of additional charges or damages during the the stay.


NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse anyone accommodations, who has not provided or refuses to provide a valid credit card,  regardless of whether or not a deposit had been received by other means. If the stay is within the cancellation period all policies apply.


Pet Policy: Although we do allow pet owners to bring their pets, dogs and cats of a certain size. its always has to be with our permission. We charge $15 per pet daily, (longer stays, we will consider a discount).Only certain rooms are available for cats, as some people have allergies.


Any damage, scratches on couches, furniture and doors, stains on bedding and rugs will be charged. If pet owners do not get our permission, we reserve the right to evict the guest along with their pets with no refund for unused portion of stay. ( We are sorry for the strict policy, but communication is paramount and if ignored then you leave us no choice.)

Whenever  owners are out for any period of time for dinner, etc and  pets need to be  left alone, they need to be crated or have a pet sitter watching them.  (please request recommendations) 


We have crates available, should you not wish to bring your own. We expect guests to bring pet covers for the beds and couches to prevent pet hair from getting into the fabrics. (Will provide upon request)


We have had pets too, so we understand accidents do happen even with the most well behaved pets. (Please let us know asap, so we can assist with cleanup) Should your pet do damage to finishes, floors, doors, furniture, etc,  you will be 100% responsible and the repair/replacement costs will be billed to your credit card. 


(We are diligent about cleanliness, and appreciate your help in this area)  If you have further questions or special needs please contact us. Ask us for a list of dog friendly restaurants.


Maid Service & Damages: For regular bed and breakfast guests, (those not staying on a long term basis) Upon Request Only, we can come in daily to straighten out the bed, tidy bathroom, kitchen & living spaces, as well as taking out garbage. In order to converse electric & water, sheets and towels are not changed unless a guest stays longer than a week. If you want sheets and towels changed more frequently or because of an accidental spills there will be a $50.00 charge for doing so.  


General Policies for Extended Stay Guests: For those guests who are considered long term 2 (two) weeks or more and have received a discount due to an extended stay, we provide a courtesy service of providing linens, towels, bedding, etc as well as a once a week cleaning of said items and general cleaning. You are welcome to provide your own bedding items and cleaning if you prefer, but this will not affect the agreed upon payment amount. Breakfast items are not included in long term discounted stays except for coffee & tea. If for any reason, the agreement is not honored, we reserve the right to remove said items and service 15 (fifteen) days after non payment and will hold the occupant liable for damages and legal costs incurred.


Regarding Receiving Mail for Extended Stay Guests: For those guests who need packages deliveries, please include in address as: C/O Riverview Bed and Breakfast.

Guests are responsible for all damage, beyond what is considered normal wear and tear.  Because we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality freshly ironed linens for your comfort, it is highly recommended that guests do not eat and drink in bed. Should anything happen to the bedding, it is the guests responsible to contact us immediately, so we can change the bedding, and attempt to remove the stain before it becomes permanent and unrepairable. We appreciate your co-operation in helping us maintain the standard of quality that we strife to deliver. 

NOTE: should stains of any kind not be able to be removed, there will be a charge for professional cleaning or replacement.


Smoking: Smoking outdoors only. If management determines smoking has occurred indoors, a $200 cleaning fee will be charged and guests will be asked to leave immediately with no refund for shortened stay. Ashtrays are provided on porches and other designated smoking areas.

Parking: On-site parking is limited to one vehicle per room, unless otherwise arranged. Guests with more than one vehicle may need to find street parking in the neighborhood for their additional vehicles. For over night parking you will have to call the police and notify them by 2 am in order to not receive a parking ticket.

Phones: Because personal cell phones have become the norm, individual rooms do not have phones.

Hi Speed Wireless Internet is available for laptop users equipped with wireless modems. Hard-wired Internet access is available if required.


One Night Bookings

Subject to Change Without Notice

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